Internet and Summer|Catch up Diaries

So in the past few weeks I have had no internet, which for an internet whore like me this has been very testing. However today the internet got installed and once again I am back to the land of online.

As it is nearing the end of my very tiring placement, on the 24th July I can finally go home and start my summer! I absolutely love nursing however it can get very stressful and exhausting so it is such a relief to have 5 weeks to relax before I become a resident on the Isle of Wight for two months for my next placement, it never ends! At first I was ever so nervous about moving ‘overseas’ as I would be missing out on seeing my boyfriend, the start of cheer and choir, in which I am social sec! However I have since found out that I can claim one return journey a week from the uni *haha* to come back.

This summer is hopefully going to be a goodun’. A holiday with my fam and boyfriend, and seeing all of my home friends in the lovely Southend-on-Sea. Not to mention vlogging and blogging my heart out!
Sorry for the pause on the blog however now everything is heading in the right direction once again!
What are your plans for summer?
Bye for now xx

Project Wanderlust


This photo just completely sums up my mood and desires right now! I love to travel and am so ambitious to achieve my new dream of becoming a travel writer. So I’m starting project Wanderlust, in which every new place I visit, I write a blog post about it’s hidden beauty and greatness.

The world is such a great place and if I get the chance to have the opportunity to rome around experiencing and discovering hidden gems of the planet, I will be in complete and utter bliss.

So let me know the wonderful places you have experienced and where you would love me to end up!

Bye for now xx

MUA Undress Your Skin Foundation

So a little while ago I did an MUA haul after being completely amazed by the selection of products now available from MUA. I remember the early days of MUA where there were a very limited range of £1 cheap and cheerful products however now they have jumped over leaps and bounds and are ever developing to try and provide good quality makeup at highstreet prices!

P1030028  P1030027

Now I was a little sceptical about this foundation, at only £3 I didn’t have high hopes, but boy was I wrong.

This is a light coverage foundation,  with a medium buildable coverage. It is light weight and doesn’t feel cakey on the skin, perfect for summer. This is definitely a day time foundation and a pretty good one it is. This tends to not get too oily on my grease ball of a face but obviously some does shine on through. Now being £3 it’s not going to be a matte, high coverage, 16 hour wear foundation, however it lasts rather well and provides a lovely satiny look to the skin.

I really recommend this and it is a wonderful foundation, good one MUA!

What have you tried from MUA?

Bye for now xx

MUA Haul

So I popped into Superdrug the other day and was so impressed with the MUA range that I picked up a few gems.


First of all from the ‘Undress Your Skin’ range, I picked up the Illuminating Foundation in BEIGE. When I swatched this in store, it felt light and when it was rubbed in was completely matte. I think this is going to be a perfect light coverage foundation for summer and was only £3! A downfall though is I think there were only three shades, a super pale one, the medium one which I have and a darker one, but I’m not sure how dark it was or whether it was just orange!

P1030027 P1030028

Next from the ‘Undress Your Skin’ range, the Shimmer Highlighter. This is a pretty pink highlighter with a golden shimmer! Again only £3 with a beautiful wave pattern and I am super excited to use this.

P1030014 P1030013

From the new Matte Lipstick range, I picked up the colour Lilac Belle. Purple lips are so on trend right now so I thought I would jump on the band wagon and get this beautiful purple colour for just £1!

P1030016 P1030017 P1030020 P1030022

Last but not least, an eyebrow product. Lately I have been using powder to fill in my brows and they are just seeming a little stronger than I would like. So I thought I would try the Powerbrow shape and highlight in Fair. One end is a waxy pencil consistency and the other end is a creamy champagne brow bone highlight. Once again bargain at £3.

P1030024 P1030025

I think a lot of people miss out on MUA by becoming a little makeup snob like and it’s a shame as there are some fab products for super cheap prices, very student friendly.

Have you tried anything from MUA?

Bye for now xx

Loosing Inspiration

So as you may have noticed I have been absent for a while, and this upsets me.

My blog is like my little child and I love watching it grow and develop, so to hit a patch where I have lost all creativity and have no idea what to blog is very disheartening. I have sat down at my laptop many times and started to write, but a blank hits. Being empty and having no ideas is the worst feeling, and kinda gets you down a little bit.

I still have no idea for any posts but I’m trying to re-inspire myself so hopefully I’ll be back to blogging more regularly ASAP!

I hope you understand,

Bye for now xx


Perfectly Peacock |OOTD

So la boyf and I went to dinner last night and we have started to get into the tradition of dressing up and going out to dinner as a nice break from revision/assignments. It’s one of the things that keep me motivated to keep on with my work as most days I’ll be in my pjs, no makeup, hair scraped back and sometimes it’s just nice to get dressed up and have a nice evening with someone who is special to you!

After that ramble, here’s the outfit that I wore!


Leahter Jacket – Topshop
Peacock print Playsuit – Topshop
Purple Bag – Shoezone (a very long time ago)
Shoes – New Look


Heart Bracelet – Sutton Hoo – who knew historical places had nice jewellry
Necklace – My lovely Mummy got me this a very long time ago
Sunglasses – TK MAXX
Nail Polish – Rimmel 60 seconds in Sky High

So there is my outfit from last night.
Let me know what you like to do to cheer yourself up!

Bye for now xx




My DollyBowBow Wishlist

So DollyBowBow or Kate Murnane is a Blogger, YoutTuber and mum to be. If she wasn’t already superwoman, Kate also owns her own on line accessory store and here are the products that I love the look of!



1. BRYONY Floral Bun Crown - 

You probably don’t know this about me, but my middle name is rose, so anything with roses on I generally tend to love. Add pastel blue and pink, the ability to wear it on my head and be a floral fairy princess and I am just all over this!

2. AMELIA Statement Necklace -

I always see other people/bloggers wearing statement necklaces and I am always filled with envy. I do not own a statement necklace and I feel this would be a beautiful one to start my love for them off. This necklace is made up of again pastel blue and pink stones, right up my street.

3. ISLA Bar Necklace - 

This necklace just looks like a simple yet classic piece which can be worn with pretty much anything to add a touch of glam!

4. LIBBY Floral Crown - 

Last but not least, another floral crown to make me a pretty princess. However this time it’s a row of 5 lilac roses on a wire headband.

So there are the products I am loving on the DollyBowBow site and are definitely are on my wishlist. 

If you haven’t checked out the DollyBowBow site, go and check it out and leave a comment below on what’s on your wishlist!

Also check out Kate’s:


YouTube -

Bye for now xx

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to these pictures, all rights go to Kate Murnane