My Top 5 Amazing Beauty Products \\ Guest Post

Hi, my name’s Katie and I’m a friend of Holly. We have a lot in common as we’re both spoonies (suffering from M.E.) and we’re also both beauty bloggers! Holly and I came up with the idea of doing a guest blog post for each other, as a chance to reach out to new readers and switch up our blogs a little bit, so here I am!


As we are both beauty junkies, what else would we talk about than our favourite beauty products? Now I have so many makeup and beauty favourites and of course I discover new things all the time, but this top 5 is made up things I use all the time, and those products I just keep going back and back to. You know those products where every time you stray and try something different, it’s just not as good, and you return to the old faithful? Well here are mine!

A Duo of Toners: Boots Botanics Cleansing Toner All Bright & Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner_20150616_165050

I’ll be honest, toner wasn’t always a step I included in my skincare routine. I would sometimes use one if I had one, but then go without for months once it ran out. It just didn’t seem that vital. Now though, my opinion has been completely changed and I now use two (yes, two!) toners.

I only recently discovered ‘exfoliating’ toners after a skin analysis. I was surprised to hear that I still had quite a bit of dead skin under the microscope, despite exfoliating regularly. I had in face exfoliated that very morning! The woman told me that often, the standard gritty type of exfoliators only get rid of the dead skin on the surface but not everything. She told me about ‘acid toners’, which use natural fruit enzymes to softly dissolve the dead skin. Now I know that sounds a bit unnerving, but they are very gentle and don’t damage the skin or sting at all.

Acid toners can be pretty expensive, but I found this Boots Botanics one at just £3.99 for 250ml. It has literally changed my skin! My skin has never been so smooth and clear from blemishes. I literally hardly ever have spots anymore, and when I do get the odd one at time of the month, it clears up so much quicker. I would really recommend this toner!

As the acid toner is more of an exfoliating step and I don’t want my skin to dry out, straight after using it (twice a day), I also use this gorgeous Elemis rehydrating toner, which just adds the moisture and softness back to my skin. It is quite expensive, at around £20, but it will last a long time and really leaves my skin feeling lovely. It can also be spritzed on the face at any time of day (even over makeup) to wake up tired skin and rehydrate your face.

My Favourite Face Tool: Real Techniques – Sculpting Brush


I only really got into brushes in the last year or so. I always had a few – the standard powder and blusher brushes and a few eyeshadow ones. It pains me that I actually used to apply my eyeshadow with those little sponge brushes – eek! Once I became interested in makeup brushes, it took a bit of trial and error to find ones I really like and that work well. One piece of advice I would give is that you don’t have to stick to using the brush for what it says it is for – get creative! I often use brushes for different purposes, it just depends on how you work and the contours of your face etc.

I have quite a few Real Techniques brushes and really like them. Again, I quite often use them for different things than they say on the side! This hot pink brush is a sculpting brush, and that is actually what I use it for. I generally use this brush for applying my contouring shade to my forehead, hollows of my cheeks and under my chin. It is quite dense, but really soft – it strikes just the right balance between being effective and placing the product in a specific area, but blending it out so that the contour isn’t harsh. I find it’s just the right shape for contouring. Real Techniques,

like all decent makeup brushes, aren’t cheap – but I find that you get what you pay for, and often cheap brushes just shed and don’t apply makeup well. Your makeup is only as good as how it is applied! You can have really expensive makeup, but if you apply it badly, it won’t look great. Brushes are definitely worth investing a little bit in.

A Bright Lip: Kiko Milano Lipstick in Shade 923


I am a lip product junkie! I love all makeup, but lip products are the ones I buy most often, and experiment the most with. I’m always drawn to bright colours and like to try all different finishes, from matte to high gloss.

This Kiko lipstick is something I pick out way more than anything else in my collection. I absolutely love purple on the lips, but some shades are not very wearable. This one strikes the perfect balance of purple with a wearable pink edge. It is a lovely consistency, fairly similar to Mac Cremesheen. It leaves a nice gloss on the lips, but the colour doesn’t smudge around too much or wear off too quickly. Best of all, you can reapply and top up this lipstick whilst you’re out, and it doesn’t start to collect at the edges and dry out. It keeps the lips nice and moisturised. If you fancy trying a purple lip but don’t want something as dark as Mac Heroine or as bright as Too Faced Melted Violet, this is the perfect wearable in-between product! It was around £6.

Crease-Free Eye Bases: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24Hr Gel-Cream Eyeshadow


Oh how I love the Color Tattoos! I only tried my first one last year and since then I’ve been hooked, building up a collection of most of the colours available in the UK. They’re just so damn good at their job!

You can use the Color Tattoos in two different ways – you can either wear it as your eyeshadow (the metallic ones look amazing alone and look like you’ve made an effort even though they take seconds to apply!) or as a base for your powder eyeshadow. With or without an eye primer, these last all day/night on me without creasing! There aren’t many eyeshadows that will last all night and not crease even without a primer – believe me, I’ve tried.

You can apply these with your finger for more intense colour, or with a brush to blend out a little. My absolute favourite is On and On Bronze – a beautiful, warm, metallic bronze. It looks amazing on its own, but even better with a bronzey-red eyeshadow blended into the crease.

I also really like pink gold – a very pretty, metallic pink shade. I tend to use this as a base for powder shadow as it’s quite subtle, but it would be perfect alone if you don’t like to wear too much makeup, or as a work look.

Finally, I love Metallic Pomegranate – a rich browny-red with flecks of gold. This is beautiful used with a similar coloured powder shadow, made into quite a smokey eye.

They are £4.99 each, but often on 3 for 2 at Boots!

Fluttery Lashes: Primark P.S. Love – False Lash Effect Mascara


You may have had to read that twice – yep, I said Primark! I’m serious, more people need to know about this! I have tried so many mascaras in my time, and I can’t believe how good Primark mascaras are. I genuinely much prefer this mascara to the much raved about Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara (and it’s about a tenner cheaper too!)

I combine two Primark mascaras for my makeup routine. I do one coat of the Volumising Ultra Black, which is great for lengthening and separating my lashes. I then do a coat of the False Lash

Effect mascara, which volumises and makes my lashes look more dramatic. It is brilliant, seriously. I do still try other mascaras that I get sent in my beauty subscription boxes etc, but I always revert back to these as they are so much better. They don’t smudge or flake at all on me.

Please – trust me – next time you’re in Primark, get some to try out and let me know what you think! They are around £2.99 each.

Thanks for joining me and listening to me rave about my favourite products. If you liked what you read or want to see what Holly’s top 5 products are, pop over to my blog and say hi!

M.E AWARENESS DAY // HollyfulBeauty

Hello everyone,

Today is M.E Awareness day. M.E stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I got diagnosed with M.E in December 2014 and it has changed my life in so many ways!

Here is a video helping to spread awareness of this truly horrible illness –

Thank you,

Bye for now xoxo

Lashes and Lingerie // HollyfulBeauty

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HollyfulBeauty | Adore Me

Hello everyone,

So this post is about to get a little sexy for SS15 so brace yourselves. As a woman, I never feel sexier than flouncing around in some lingerie and Adore Me has some stunning sets of sexy stuff!

Pretty in Pink

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Spring Blush


M.A.C Creme Cup | Pauls Boutique Lashes

This pink, lacy underwear set is gorgeous for spring and summer paired with dewy skin, a baby pink lip and lengthening eyelashes.


New Look

To top this look off, I would pair a flower crown and these on trend white sandals to match in with the pastel, innocent, sexy look.

So that is my lashes and lingerie look for SS15, why not head over to Adore Me’s sexy lingerie page and see what other beauties they have to offer!

What makes you feel sexy?

Bye for now xoxo

GAYA Cosmetics Review // HollyfulBeauty



Hello everyone,

So today’s post is a review of the two of the amazing products from GAYA Cosmetics!

First up, the Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles. 


This product claims to promote radiant, young, healthy and fresh appearance, actively moisturise the skin and inhibit collagen loss and prevents premature ageing signs. Now I have only been using this product for a few weeks, so can’t comment on these claims, however from what I have tried, it is my holy grail eye cream! I have a lot of dryness around my eyes but most eye creams I try are too thick and greasy to wear makeup over the top of … but this product is game changing! It is a light weight, moisturising eye cream, leaving my under eyes nourished and smooth whilst allowing makeup to sit perfectly on top, with no creasing or dry patches. I would 100% recommend this eye cream if you have dull and dry eyes!

Next for the Best Gel Eyeliner!


This eyeliner is honestly one of the best gel eyeliner’s I have ever tried. It is more of a cream formula, making it easy to use, however as soon as it has set, it isn’t going anywhere. This stays in place all day without smudging, perfect for you gals on the go! For you cruelty free fiends, this is also vegan and comes in a variety of pigmented colours.


A look using the eyeliner

Overall I am very impressed with the products I own from GAYA Cosmetics and would definitely recommend them to everyone and anyone!

Have you tried anything from GAYA Cosmetics?

Bye for now xoxo



#ZestMustHaves // HollyfulBeauty

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Hello everyone,

Today’s post is a beauty wishlist of my SS15 must have products! All the products can be found on Zest Beauty!

Must have number one is the Decleor Micellar Oil –

zest4This is a new launch from Decleor and I must say I am intrigued! I have never heard of a micellar oil before and with the claim to remove waterproof mascara, it is a must have for those summer months!

Must have number two is the GLAMGLOW Powermud Dual Cleanse Treatment  –


I have only every heard good things about GLAMGLOW and with the combination of mud and oil cleansing, it will surely help to keep skin clear and calm this SS15!

Number three is the Trilogy Hydrating Toner Mist –

zest1In the summer months, it is so important to keep your body hydrated, but also your skin, making this toner a must have!

Moving away from skin care and onto hair care, the final must have is the Joico K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor for Damaged Hair –


I have heard raving reviews about this product from other Bloggers. With the sun and the sea damaging our hair this summer, repair the damage with this five minute mask!

I found the amazing Zest Beauty through The Blogger Programme, which is an amazing way for Bloggers and companies to connect!

What are your #ZestMustHaves for SS15?

Bye for now xoxo

I do not own these images, all images came from the Zest Beauty website –

My Pamper Routine //HollyfulBeauty


Hello Everyone,

I love a good pamper as much as the next person, so here is my pamper routine!

First of all a good ol’ bath! A great muscle relaxant is the the Epsom Bath Salts. I get a lot of joint and muscle pain, so this is what some friends recommended I try … and I love it!

pamper 2

Now no bath is a bath without the king of the bathroom … LUSH! I used the Pop In Bath Bubble Bar. With the Bubble Bars, you break off a chunk and crumble it under the running water. I love LUSH as they are affordable and best of all, they are cruelty free!

pamper 3After the bath, I like to have a drink as if it’s a bit too hot I tend to feel dehydrated. I decided to make myself a Raspberry & Dragon Fruit tea.

pamper 4Last but not least, time for a skin saviour. I used the REN (sadly no longer cruelty free) Clarimatte T Zone Control Cleansing Gel to cleanse. Followed by the Onsen Daily Choice Peel to exfoliate. Then I lathered on the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Detox Mask!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIt’s then time to snuggle up with your laptop or a good book and chill for the evening!

What do you do to pamper yourselves?

Bye for now xx

70’s Wishlist //HollyfulBeauty

Hello everyone,

So I am so into the 70’s fashion vibe at the moment and here are the pieces on my wishlist!


*MOTO QUINN Flared Jeans
*Patchwork Floral Print Crop Top

I am in love with this look, the combo of flared jeans, a floral crop top and tan Mules makes me swoon over the 70’s vibe!

What style are you into currently?

Bye for now xx

*I do not own the photos in this post. All rights go to the owners (Topshop & Office)